The start of the new year brings the opportunity to rethink company vision, strategy and execution.  Most businesses are so busy keeping the operation running day-to-day, managers don’t get a chance to setp back and think things through a bit.  JASEC Consulting is experienced running business leaders through the V-S-E discipline:

  • Vision: The three-to-five year end-state goal that profitably sets you apart from your competition.
  • Strategy:  The four to seven key actions you need to take as a business to achieve the Vision.
  • Execution: Establishing the key short-terms goals, metrics and values your team will need to define as its Mission.

It looks pretty simple on paper, but the key is “how” it gets done.  The path to success is often filled with distractions, detours, and just bad decisions that keep you and your team from reaching success.  An experienced guide can help you stay on track, for the short and long term.

A good vision, strategy, and execution plan are only part of the solution.  Just as important is ensuring your greatest resources, your employees have:

  • A sense of mission
  • A set of values
  • A culture of Success

These “soft skills” are often overlooked as not providing any real value to business owners and operators.  The reality is that you can have a great vision, strategy, and execution plan.  However, where most companies fail is in making sure that those doing the work, the employees, are bought-in, understand the goals and fully support the effort.