Challenging economic times like these present proactive companies with a winning opportunity.  Most companies working through a downturn pair off resources and assets to make the short-term bottom line.  In the effort to make the short-term number they may unwittingly be digging themselves into an early grave.  The smart money instead sees and excellent opportunity to prepare for the upturn.  The latter focus on shaking the fat out of their operations, looking for new innovative opportunities to do things cheaper, faster, better.

JASEC Consulting is expertly positioned to help you find the “hidden factory” in your operation.  The hidden factory is that bundle of mistakes, re-work, and money down the drain that plagues most operations, factory and transactional.  Leveraging the power of LEAN and Six Sigma when needed, we can help your teams find margin, efficiency and even better product and service results for your clients.

Whether focused on a “surgical strike” to get a segment of your operation profitable, or a full-scale deployment to “lean out” productivity and profits from your organization, JASEC has the experience and network of professionals to help.  We have helped organizations grow margins, streamline operations, find profit where they thought none existed.  Within hours of gathering a team and walking through the opportunities, we can help you find substantial savings.

We also have experience in Mergers and Acquisitions.  We can help with everything from due diligence to full fledged implementation and day-to-day operations.