Margin Enhancement Driven by Operational Excellence

Find the hidden profit in your business.  We specialize in delivering productivity to our clients.  Productivity that drives both operational excellence and bottom line profitability.  

We do this by employing a number of proven methods that deliver value to our customers.

Lean Principles

Eliminate waste and other money-robbing practices by simple application of lean tenants across the workforce.

Six Sigma Analytics

We bring and share the power of Six Sigma to your teams so they can solve those “root cause unknown” operational dilemmas and excel.

Dynamic Facilitation

It takes a team to get things done and facilitation is at the heart of marshaling everyone’s talents, expertise, and passion towards a common goal.   

Expert Coaching

We partner with executives, middle managers, and individual performers to bring out the best in each contributor’s efforts towards a set of business outcomes.

How we do that falls into two broad camps.

Management Consulting: Margin Enhancement

Strategy: Vision to Execution

Our clients include some of the top global technology and product firms in the world.  We’ve helped them and we can help you with your business challenges and productivity needs.


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