An experienced and skilled facilitator can help your organization work through some of the interpersonal and business challenges that often defeat otherwise talented teams.  Business level facilitators can:

  • Help your team achieve new levels of productivity
  • Identify and work through key team dysfunctions
  • Provide techniques to get your team out of the world of “emotional baggage” and into the practice of getting work done
  • Deliver on key business outcomes
  • Start the “cycle of positivity” that’s the hallmark of high-performing teams.

The real value of a good facilitator is what they bring in the moment.  For example, during a discussion when everyone is thinking about the “elephant in the room” but no one wants to talk about it.  There’s also great value in guiding the team towards a firm landing on a number of unique outcomes:

  • Setting goals for the upcoming business year
  • An Action Plan for a key initiative
  • A Strategy Plan
  • A Problem-Solving Plan
  • An Innovation Plan

Facilitation is a sound investment in your company’s ability to meet its goals.  It’s a that helps get teams to:

  • Open up to one another
  • Address hidden agendas
  • Build a common set of goals
  • Establish a level of trust and confidence with one another
  • Deliver results
  • Hold each other accountable for those results

Some organizations have to deal with days filled with back-biting, snide remarks and wasted productivity.  Others are simply looking to take their outstanding teams and move them yet to a new level of performance.  An investment in a facilitated session can help move your organization forward in today’s competitive environment.

Strategy Facilitation

What is strategy?

Problem Solving Workshop

Organizations may sometimes have a point-in-time problem or pain point that requires quick action. One approach is to use a problem solving workshop to bring all stakeholders together to collaboratively work through to a plan and subsequent solution.

Key here is:

  • Identifying the problem – The WHAT
  • Clearly articulating its importance – The WHY
  • Selecting the right stakeholders to be part of of the solution – The WHO

The workshop focuses the group’s collective wisdom on:

  • Identifying root causes
  • Mitigating those root causes
  • Brainstorming solutions and plans to implement them
  • Also covered, defining the goals for success.

GE Workout