An experienced and skilled facilitator can help your organization work through some of the interpersonal and business challenges that often defeat otherwise talented teams.  Business level facilitators can:

  • Help your team achieve new levels of productivity
  • Identify and work through key team dysfunctions
  • Provide techniques to get your team out of the world of “emotional baggage” and into the practice of getting work done
  • Deliver on key business outcomes
  • Start the “cycle of positivity” that’s the hallmark of high-performing teams.

The real value of a good facilitator is what they bring in the moment.  For example, during a discussion when everyone is thinking about the “elephant in the room” but no one wants to talk about it.  There’s also great value in guiding the team towards a firm landing on a number of unique outcomes:

  • Setting goals for the upcoming business year
  • An Action Plan for a key initiative
  • A Strategy Plan
  • A Problem-Solving Plan
  • An Innovation Plan

Facilitation is a sound investment in your company’s ability to meet its goals.  It’s a that helps get teams to:

  • Open up to one another
  • Address hidden agendas
  • Build a common set of goals
  • Establish a level of trust and confidence with one another
  • Deliver results
  • Hold each other accountable for those results

Some organizations have to deal with days filled with back-biting, snide remarks and wasted productivity.  Others are simply looking to take their outstanding teams and move them yet to a new level of performance.  An investment in a facilitated session can help move your organization forward in today’s competitive environment.

Strategy Facilitation

Executive Coaching

Coaches, by definition, help to bring out the best in who they are coaching. Whether in sports or in business, the goal is to help push, motivate, challenge the coachee to reach new levels of performance. As you might suspect, there’s a myriad of ways to do this. From soft, self-improvement based techniques to strong performance-based mentor-mentee structures, all have one thing in common: establishing meaning and lasting relationships.

We apply a three point process to our executive coaching engagements:

  • Personal and situation assessment
  • Dialogue and actions
  • Guidance and Follow Up

JASEC Consulting has a firm track record of working with executives at all levels of an organization. We can work discreetly or in an entirely transparent manner. Don’t your employees, share holders and customers deserve the very best performance from your top business “athletes?”

Problem Solving Workshops

High Performing Teams

A key factor for any business, in good times or bad, is getting the best and most productive work from its teams. High performing teams can achieve great results given whatever challenge. As simple as that sounds, getting that to happen is a whole other story. Daily deadlines, financial pressures, inter-office agenda fighting, all get in the way of performance.

Our experience in this area calls out two key success factors:

  • Creating the right team dynamic (the soft stuff)
  • Creating the right team structure (including roles, responsibilities and incentives)

For the first, we are proud to leverage the concepts and practices of team management expert Patrick Lencioni. His book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, lays out a strong framework for helping to bring teams together. We use this as the foundation to help guide and facilitate teams towards outstanding performance.

For the second, we focus on a team’s structure and relevant hard and soft incentives and how both support or get in the way of the team’s goals. Together, these two principles create a powerful team capable of working through the most intense and daunting business challenges.

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